Accessible Consulting

Awareness Workshops 

Awareness Workshops

Disability awareness is a key to good client/guest experience. Training and sensitization of staff is very important to make sure that the staff is confident and does not feel uneasy when dealing with disabled customers.  For example, they may have problems communicating with someone who has no speech or is deaf, or they wonder where is best to seat someone in a wheelchair.  The whole purpose is to make sure the disables persons experience is as trouble-free as possible, and to make your staff comfortable and confident

These trainings are tailor made for industry type. It is a good idea that that such a training is part of the induction program of an employee and repeated at regular intervals throughout their careers. Some of the common issues discussed in the training include:

  • Knowing more about the different types of disability and the barriers faced by them on a daily basis.
  • Giving the staff the ability to “think on their feet” and the ability to be flexible while doing so.
  • When do I help, and when should I get out of the way

The training program is informative and with very interactive. Considering the interactive nature of the training it is preferred to be in small groups.

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